We are happy for anyone to bring their own bikes. Low gearing is recommended, either triple front chain rings or a compact crank set 34 x 25/27. (speak to your local bike shop). Extremely lightweight wheels are discouraged as they can become fragile with all of the descending. Our Titanium/Carbon bikes are of a high standard, and our customers usually express pleasant surprise at the quality of the machines, so it might be a better option to bring your saddle and/or pedals which we will be very happy to fit. Soft cases can be a little heavy but the benefits are they are collapsible, so are ‘tour friendly’ and can easily fit in a hire car for travel after tour. It is easy to pack the bike yourself and will be very quick to pack the bike for your after tour travel.

Depending upon the tour starting and finishing locations, we may or may not be able to cater for a hard case. Please contact us.

Remember You will need to bring your own pedals, shoes, helmet and bidons.

These Tours are aimed at the enthusiast cyclists who might want to bring their own road bikes. However, the rides are not races and there is no time limit – and there is always the minibus if things get too tough!

We would nevertheless recommend that anyone who has not been a regular cyclist for some time should consult their doctor before considering these tours.

Some of our trips are suitable for non-cyclists. Please contact us for more details.
Yes, we can arrange hire bikes. All road bikes are light weight Carbon or Titanium and properly set up to deal with the riding you will encounter.
In order to give a personal service to all our customers we have a maximum of 7 people. This allows for a good group atmosphere which could be made up of singles and couples.
Our support vehicle will transfer all luggage not needed for the days ride onto the next hotel. Should anybody want to do a spot of souvenir shopping then the vehicle will always be on hand to convey those larger objects. The support vehicle is also present throughout most of the day to replenish water-bottles, offer light snacks and generally look after your needs. The vehicle is also there to offer a lift to those feeling the strain.
It is a requirement that you bring a good disposition and a smile as these tours are designed for your pleasure. Some parts of the rides can be demanding, but the support vehicle is always on call to pick up those weary riders requiring a rest.
  • Helmet, Australian design approved. COMPULSORY WEARING ON ALL TOURS
  • Lightweight rain jacket
  • Layers are better than one thick item, i.e. singlet/undershirt (3)
  • Cycling knicks (3 pairs), jersey (3), (Cogs of Europe provide 1 kit)
  • Cycling shoes & socks, It is recommended to wear MTB shoes with recessed cleats make walking around easier.
  • MTB Pedals.
  • Two Drink biddons
  • Gloves, long fingered and cut off if doing alpine tours even in summer
  • Small puncture kit, 2 spare tubes & pump, these items are provided on hire bikes
  • Very small set of Allen keys
  • A neck warmer if doing alpine tours
  • Leg and arm warmers
  • Sunglasses
  • Small on bike lock to prevent the snatch and grab theft
  • Cogs of Europe uses and heavy covered chain when locking all bikes together, however there are occasions when you might stop for a?coffee that these small locks are handy
  • Front and rear lights for tunnels
  • A good pair of walking around shoes that will double up as your stepping out shoes
  • Sandals or Flip Flops
  • Light-weight clothes, (requiring no ironing) make life easier while travelling, you can get by on 3 changes of clothes in total, only!
  • Sun cream, sunglasses, floppy hat
  • Small toiletry bag/ear plugs
  • Beanie
  • Lightweight daypack that can also be comfortably carried on the bike if required
  • A small towel
  • Bathers
  • Camera and leads to connect to PC (as we collate all photos at the trip conclusion)
  • A small amount of hand washing powder concentrate
  • A travel clothes line. (To wash your quick dry clothing in your hotel room).
  • Money: Credit cards (at least 2) and Euros in cash
  • Mobile phone: Travel Sims will be provided if required or have your phone switched to International Roaming.
  • Mobile phone charger
  • Power adaptor for Europe
  • Personal medications
  • Back up copies of your travel documents (passport, credit cards, insurance policy, tickets, etc should be scanned in and stored remotely for instant access in the case of loss or theft)
  • Passport/tickets
  • Australian Medicare card
  • International Driver?s License and Australian Drivers license
Fully-supported tours include daily accommodation with breakfast and some dinners (as stated in the specific tour description), luggage transfers, and support vehicle. Please refer to the specific tour for details and an in-depth description.
We cannot guarantee the weather, but the weather can change quickly in the mountains. A day in the Alps or Dolomites in the summer can vary from 40 degrees celsius in baking sunshine to 8 degrees celsius with freezing rain. You will need warm, waterproof clothing. Please refer to suggested cycling items list.